Club Library

Below is a list of all the books in the club library. If you want to borrow a book, send me an email at this address:
      chosi AT cox DOT net
and I will bring it to the next club meeting for you to borrow.

ApothecaryOld Owl Drug Bottles & OthersJensen1968soft
ApothecaryPill RollersRichardson11992soft
ApothecaryPill RollersRichardson11979soft
ApothecaryPill RollersRichardson11979soft
ApothecaryWhitall, Tatum & Co 1880.1971soft
BarberBarber Bottles with PricesNamiat1977soft
BittersFor Bitters OnlyRing1980hard
BottlesAmerican Bottles Charles B. Gardner CollectionHeckler1975hard
BottlesAmerican Bottles Charles B. Gardner CollectionSkinner1975hard
BottlesAmerican Sarsaparilla BottlesDeGrafft1980soft
BottlesAntique Bottle CollectorKendrick1969soft
BottlesAntique Bottle CollectorKendrick1963soft
BottlesAntique Bottle CollectorKendrick1966soft
BottlesBertrand BottlesSwitzer1974soft
BottlesBillions of Bottles Glass Container Manufacturers Institute.1959soft
BottlesBottle Beauty - A Guide to Arranging BottlesRosen1968soft
BottlesBotle Book, John P. Adams' ThirdAdams1972soft
BottlesBottle Collecting Manual with PricesMunsey1972soft
BottlesBottles A Sampler of the CollectiblesSmith1973soft
BottlesBottles A Guide for the beginning collectorStewart1976soft
BottlesBottles and Bottle CollectingHedges1975soft
BottlesBottles and Extras (May,Jul,Sept,Dec 1995).1995Magazine
BottlesBottles and Extras (Mar,Apr,May,Jun,Jul,Sep,Nov 1996).1996Magazine
BottlesBottles and Extras (Feb,Mar,May 1997).1997Magazine
BottlesBottles Identification and Price GuidePolak1994soft
BottlesBottles of Bygone daysColceaser1965soft
BottlesBottles of Bygone daysColceaser1965soft
BottlesBottles Yesterday's Trash Today's TreasuresColcleaser1971soft
BottlesBottles, Flasks & Dr. DyottMcKearin1970hard
BottlesCollector's Book of BottlesKlamkin1971hard
BottlesGlass vol 2: Bottles, Lamps & Other ObjectsKnopf1983soft
BottlesIllustrated Guide to Collecting BottlesMunsey1970soft
BottlesIndian Bottles and BrandsOdell1977hard
BottlesOld Bottle Magazine May 1984.1984Magazine
BottlesOld Bottle Magazine June 1985.1985Magazine
BottlesOld Bottle Magazine March,April,June 1986.1986Magazine
BottlesOn the Trail of Stoddard GlassField1975soft
BottlesRedigging the West for Old Time BottlesBlumenstein1965soft
BottlesThird Bottle BookAdams1972hard
BottlesTri-State BottlesMcConnell1969soft
BottlesWhite House bottles, Jugs, and JarsPerry1991soft
BottlesWhite House Vinegar BookSmith1971soft
BrewerianaBeer can Collecto's BibleMartells1976soft
CleaningCleaning old bottles by MachineMarkota1973soft
DecantersCollecting DecauntersHollingsworth1980hard
DiggingDigging for Gold (video).2003DVD
FiguralsHobbies Magazine March 1952 (Figural Bottles article).1952soft
FlasksAmerican Historical FlasksHeckler1983hard
FlasksEarly American Bottles & FlasksRensselaer1921soft
FlasksPicnics, Coffins, Shoo-FliesThomas1977soft
FlasksPrized American FlasksSkinner1980soft
FlasksStory of American Historical FlasksMcKearin1953soft
FoodIn Good Company 125 Years at the Heinz TableDienstag1994hard
GlassABCs of Old GlassDrepperd1974soft
GlassAmerican GlassMcKearin1946hard
GlassAmerican GlassMcKearin1970hard
GlassCorning Glass Center.1952hard
GlassCorning Glass Center.1958hard
GlassEncyclopedia of Working with GlassBerlye1983hard
GlassGlass and GlasswareSavage1973hard
GlassGlass Gaffers of New JerseyPepper1971hard
GlassGlass Houses of the 1800sTyson1971soft
GlassGlasshouse WhimsiesBlake1984soft
GlassLouis Comfort TiffanyDuncan1992hard
GlassNew England Glass and GlassmakingWilson1972hard
GlassOhio Pottery and Glass Marks & ManufacturersLehner1978soft
GlassStory of GlassHodges1960soft
InksOld InksNelson1967soft
Insulators800 Insulators priced & illustratedSchroeders1971soft
InsulatorsA Guide for Insulator Collectors with prices (vol 1)Tibbitts1971soft
InsulatorsA Guide for Insulator Collectors with prices (vol 2)Tibbitts1970soft
InsulatorsA guide for Insulator Collectors with prices (vol 3)Tibbitts1970soft
InsulatorsCollectible Porcelain Insulators supplementBrown1974soft
InsulatorsCross Arms.1975Magazine
InsulatorsCrown Jewels of the WireMcDougalds1998Magazine
InsulatorsCrown Jewels of the WireMcDougalds1999Magazine
InsulatorsCrown Jewels of the Wire.1979Magazine
InsulatorsCrown Jewels of the Wire.1980Magazine
InsulatorsMost about Glass InsulatorsMilholland1972hard
InsulatorsSuggested Insulator Price ListMilholland1973soft
Jars1000 Fruit JarsSchroeder1980soft
Jars1000 Fruit JarsSchroeder1972soft
Jars3 in 1 Fruit Jar BookLobner.soft
JarsCollectors Manual Fruit Jar Wrenches & Canning UtensilsDouglass1972soft
JarsCresrod Blue Book of Fruit JarsCreswick1969soft
JarsGuide for Collecting Fruit JarsBurris.soft
LiquorAntique Whiskey BottlesNapieralski1967soft
MarblesAggies, Immies, Shooters and SwirlsBarrett1994hard
MedicinesAmerican Antique Medicine Bottles 2006 price guideKnapp12006soft
MedicinesAmerican Antique Medicine Bottles 2007 price guideKnapp12007CD
MedicinesCollecting All CuresAgee1973soft
MedicinesCollecting the CuresAgee1969soft
MedicinesGreat Patent Medicine EraHechtlinger1970hard
MedicinesH H Warner His Company & His BottlesSeeliger1974soft
MedicinesHedden's Store Handbook of Proprietary MedicinesWhite1974soft
MedicinesPatent Medicine The Golden Days of QuackerySmith1973soft
MilkUdder DelightTutton1980soft
PerfumeAvon Bottle EncyclopediaHastin1972soft
PerfumePerfume and Scent Bottle Collecting with PricesSloan1986soft
PoisonPoison Bottles Collectors GuideDurflinger.soft
PoisonPoison Bottles Collectors GuideDurflinger.soft
Prices1200 Bottles Priced Volume 2 Tibbitts1973soft
PricesAntique Bottles from the Washington DC Area 3rd edition 1995 Potomac Club11995soft
PricesAuction Price ReportBrown1993soft
PricesBlaske CollectionHeckler1983soft
PricesBottle Pricing GuideCleveland1980soft
PricesBottles & Flasks Auction May 22, 1983Heckler1982soft
PricesCollector's Guide to Civil War Period Bottles & Jars (with prices)Russell11992soft
PricesCollectors Price Guide to Bottles, Tobacco Tins & RelicsDavis1975hard
PricesGlass Works Auction .1990soft
PricesGlass Works Auctions (4 volumes Aug2004-Mar2005).2004soft
PricesKovel's Bottle Price ListKovel1984soft
PricesKovels Bottles Price List 9th editionKovel1992soft
PricesOfficial Price Guide Bottles Eleventh EditionMegura1991soft
PricesPrice Guide to all the FlasksRoberts1981soft
PricesPrice Supplement to the Antique Bottle CollectorKendrick1969soft
SauceKetchup Pickles Sauces 19th century food in glassZumwalt1980hard
SodasAntique Blob Top Bottles of New EnglandLincoln1970soft
SodasCoke Bottle ChecklistPorter11995soft
SodasCity-named ACL 6 1/2 oz Coke Bottles of 1957-1965Porter12012papers
SodasCollectors Guide to the Saratoga Type Mineral Water BottlesTucker1986soft
SodasEarly Embossed Virginia Soda Bottles 1880-1914Townsend12007soft
SodasHistoric Springs of the VirginiasCohen1987soft
SodasMore PopSchmeiser1970soft
SodasWestern Blob Top Soda and Mineral Water BottlesMarkota1972soft

1 These are former or current club members